Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This is AWEsome - Nieucommunities pt 1

I've included a group called 'nieucommunities' in my link list, just on the strength of their video and website. I don't actually know anything about them or their sponsors (CRM? These people aren't crazy, are they?) beyond what they say about themselves. But it's really cool, and humbling, to see people live their faith so fully. I actually stumbled across them a few months ago, and was considering doing one of their Beyond Borders Road Trips next fall. No idea with my current hunting-for-a-job status if that's in the plan now or not. Either way, they seem beyond-words-amazing.

(Update 3/19/08 - edited the post to imbed the video here on the website, rather than making you go to Youtube.)

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Roger Saner said...

Hey, glad you picked us up, Chris! I'm currently an apprentice with NieuCommunities South Africa - and loving it. You can check out more at our community blog if you'd like :)