Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Odds and Ends

This site has received its first link from elsewhere. My friend Scott has given me a shout out and a compliment. Check him out by clicking here.

Fencerscott's link will, I'm sure, be the first of many to come. My conquest of the world is coming, my friends. Oh, yes...soon, I will be invincible. That was my segue to a fun little book I got from the library last week.

Anyway, segueing back, I've added another section for friends' blogs (or flutings, to stick with my musical conceit - and yes, I'm sure that could be run into the ground soon). Fencerscott's very RED lettering on his blog looks way cool and I wanted to steal it - but since I'm linking to him, I decided that I couldn't get away with it. Darn! But he did inspire me to tinker a bit with the look of things and I think it's getting better. So thanks, Scott! Fencerscott's also very well-read, informed, and interesting, which is unfair. (But who is this One Ring person? :)

Last thing - did you know that segue was a musical term? I didn't. It fits right in with my musical themes though. Clearly that proves that my musical section titles are cool and not at all cutesy.



FencerScott said...

One Ring is my wife and your friend. : ) I don't use names (except pet names) out of respect of privacy, internet safety, etc., even though those in the know do know about whom i'm referring. The name "One Ring" comes from the fact that she only wears her wedding ring, and that she is "The One Ring to rule them all." In other words, she's in charge at our house!

Chris Cottingham said...

I knew who One Ring was - since that was how you heard about the blog - but while the Tolkien reference of course came to mind, it sounded more like your style (or mine) than hers! Made me wonder if I'd missed something all these years. Thanks for the clarification!