Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nieucommunities part 2

I mentioned liking the video and also asked several people for any more information they had on the outfit. This is an excerpt of some info that my friend Steve sent:

"Chris,I don't know much about CRM/NieuCommunities, but what I've seen I've really liked. They appear to be a mission organization that has formed itself around a real missional/incarnational/neo-monastic kind of ethos and model, living in urban areas among the poor and reaching out. I would definitely encourage you to investigate it further and prayerfully consider participating in one of their "road trips."Here's a blog from one of CRM's leaders defending the emerging church movement: http://www.undertheic... That's always encouraging to see!...

BTW -- Another organization that has an almost neo-monastic kind of ethos and ministry model is Word Made Flesh: http://www.wordmadefl... And of course I've gotta put in a plug for my own organization, SIM (Serving In Mission), which has a wonderful ethos and many opportunities to serve in holistic ministry (in HIV/AIDS ministry, urban centers, among the poor, etc.): ..."

Thanks for the info, Steve. If you're wondering what neo-monastic or "new monasticism" is about, go here.

Steve's also promised to become a regular reader of this blog, thus hastening my inevitable takeover of the blogosphere. Bwah-hah-hah! Of course, that was sight (site?) unseen, so I'm sure I'll scare him off. In which case you'd all miss out, cause he knows a lot of neat stuff. Solution? Go here.


Steve K. said...

Hey Chris,

I've got you in my Google Reader now!

Cool. Thanks for the link love.

Chris Cottingham said...

I'm scared of Google Reader. Do I have to get over that in order to take over the blogosphere? 'Cuz that might push my timetable back.

Steve K. said...

Get over it, Chris!

Steve K. said...