Thursday, March 6, 2008



BWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH*snort* - what?

What'd you say?

Oh. Well, no. I didn't find a job. (Kill-joy.) No, I didn't end poverty or world hunger. (What have you been doing, for that matter?) But I *did* take another step forward in my plan to take over the blogosphere.

I FINALLY learned how to insert the stupid "Read more" text and make it work!

Granted, it's inserted "Read more" at the end of everything, including tiny little posts that have no 'more' to be read. So far, the on-line helps I've been able to access say this is a problem that can't be fixed yet. We'll see. Oh, in case any of YOU need help with this - the most helpful website I found for instructions on the problem is here.

But what this does mean is that I don't have to force you, faithful reader, to span through mounds and mounds of text if you don't want to.

See how considerate I am? This is why you should root for me to take over the world. Not that it matters whether you root for me or not, since soon, I will be invincible. I'm just saying - I'll be a considerate absolute ruler. Sometimes.


And yes, I'm doing this post to compensate for the fact that I'm not doing a REAL post. Give me a break - I've been working on this "Read More" problem for about 3 hours now, and I'm ready to go home.

I'll be starting a series of book reviews tomorrow, and there's more fun stuff planned on the horizon. Keep reading! (Or you'll be sorry, when I'm invincible.)


darkmark90 said...

If it makes you feel any better, Chris, I lost my transcription gig and will have to look for another. But that's what we do, n'est pas?

FencerScott said...

Well, are you going to tell the rest of us how you did the "more" thing on your blog? : ) As for the job thing, you're certainly not alone. I've been scrambling for some time to figure out what I'm doing after my current residency ends in August.

Chris Cottingham said...

Sorry about the transcription thing, DM. Seemed like that had been going well for awhile. I did telebanking kind of stuff for awhile, that was decent job - it's how I had enough time on the computer to find your stories. :) Anyway, luck/blessings to you finding the next phase. It'll get easier - sometime!

Fencerscott, I gave you the link to the instructions for a Read More section! I just followed directions by rote, with only the tiniest understanding of what I was doing. The thing that made the difference is that these instructions were more complete than those from Blogger Help.

I'm not 100% pleased, though, as the "Read More" tag appears on EVERY post, even the short ones. And I'm not thrilled about the way it looks on the screen. Oh, well. Good luck on the post-residency thing. Have you thought about (and would you have the option for) a supervisory track? Will you look at pastoral stuff again?