Friday, May 23, 2008

One *Consistent* Voice

In a political landscape where someone's method of counting the votes changes every month or so...where "I've listened to you and in the process I've found my voice" means simply that your voice changes state by state and moment by moment...where someone else can call a person an agent of intolerance one year, and seek their favor the next...I think there's one candidate whose voice has been consistent. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

okay, look. Suddenly, I can't get your email address to work.

So, um. I think I need to stay with you next Monday night. Start cleaning! Also, I need to take you to dinner. I can't tell you where, because it's a mystery shop. We're getting five bucks to go there undercover.

Oh. This is Mrs. Hanning.

Anonymous said...

Also, please email me. What happened to chaplain_chris?