Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Free Rice? Free Rice!!

I saw that a friend had referenced this website, which led me to this other associated website. I've added 'em to my link list as worthy whistlers who put a good tune into the dark. These are folks who are "doing", not just hearing, thinking, or pontificating. They're doing good far I can tell.

The fact is, I don't know much about them, just what they say on the websites. The free rice idea, basically, is that if you go to their site and use their content, they will buy rice for poverty stricken folks. Supposedly the money to do some comes from advertisers, who hope you'll see their advertisement while you're online learning vocabulary from the free rice folks.

That actually sounds plausible. Crazy, but plausible, and the folks don't ask you or me for money, just to learn some vocabulary.

At the least, you'll learn some can point any high schoolers you know to the site to it as a good review for SATs...and at best, if it's what they'll be helping to feed the hungry.

For free, as far as you or I are concerned. Check it out!

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